Tuner, Metronome
& Recorder

Designed for your best performance

Tuner & Metronome is the best free app for musicians.
Professional hands-free metronome and the most accurate chromatic tuner app.
Designed by musicians - superfast, simple and easy!

One-touch metronome

Professional hands-free metronome



Flash metronome

Synchronized cell phone flash with BPM

Vibration metronome

Synchronized cell phone vibrations with BPM

Speed trainer

Start difficult music slowly and then increase speed

Battery saving mode

Automatic sleep mode to save battery during inactivity


The most scientific method to improve your performance.



1. Gauge

Indicates the pitch of the current sound

2. Chart

Charts changes in pitch

3. Volume

Presents the magnitude of the sound

Recording studio

Recorded data can be optionally saved without limits and can be listened any time you want.



More features

Rhythm editor

Scale practice



• Tuner with 2 modes
 - chromatic tuner measuring sound pitch and intensity mode
 - pitch fork mode
• Customizable A4 frequency (440Hz by default)
• A real metronome shouldn’t lag beats: our app never lags
• Record your music with integrated one touch recorder

Flash light metronome mode

If you can’t hear the sound of the metronome, due to the speaker volume limit or loud background noise, you can turn on the flash light metronome mode. In this mode you can easily see the beats as flashes of light.
Project the flashlight to the wall, then the entire wall can flash the beats.

Large start button

• Start the metronome with single easy press of the button.

Additional features

• Supports all instruments, with many active piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, cello, viola, bass, drum, flute, harmonica users!
• Supports all kind of transposed instruments, including B-flat clarinet, F horn, E-flat saxophone, D-flat piccolo, and many others.
• Scales practice
• Precise beats per minute (BPM) control
• BPM detector
• Practice time tracker
• High precision tuner
• Visual metronome mode using flash light of the camera
• Tuning fork, pitch pipe

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